Olieria Pioselli Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Cold Pressed 100 % Italian Product

By Olieria Pioselli
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Olieria Pioselli is 100% oIive juice - Nothing added, Nothing taken away - This truly is a Premium Olive Oil. Once you have tasted truly raw "Alive" Olive Oil, you will never settle for inferior blended and processed products.

Monocultivar, or single source, olive oil stands for a type of oil coming from the pressing of a single kind of olive trees, whereas, traditionally, olive oil is the product of a blend of different types of olives.

Olieria Pioselli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is truly Monocultivar - 100% Black Colletorto Olives from the Molise District situated on a hill in the Fortore River Valley in Italy.

One of the most impressive characteristics of this Olive Oil is that it is hand-picked (with the use of nets) and cold-pressed on the same day. This is the freshest Olive Oil you can imagine. The care with which the olives are picked, transported, and pressed guarantees the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil you can find.

Bottled directly from the mill without filtering, a sediment can develop over time at the bottom that will not alter the natural characteristics and that will instead show the genuine quality of the product.

The Black Colletorto Olives give this premium olive oil a medium green color with yellow reflections and a fruity and sweet taste with hints of almond and artichoke followed by a distinctive peppery finish. The peppery finish is a telltale sign of high quality olive oil.

How to Savor Olive Oil

Pour some oil in a small cup and hold the cup in your palm. The ideal temperature for tasting is 77 degrees. Do not use a spoon, and let the oil drop directly on your tongue and hold it. The tongue will help it to reach the right temperature. Then inhale some air through your teeth in order to transfer the oil towards the taste buds. Hold the tongue firmly against the palate and inhale again. After a few second repeat from the beginning for four or five times. Then exhale from the nose.

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