Digital Moist Heating Pad - A Highly Effective Pain Relieving Device by BodyMed

By BodyMed
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Controlled Moist Heat For Temporary Pain Relief Associated With Muscle Strains And Sprains, Joint Pain And Inflammation. Temporarily Eases Back Pain Caused By Overexertion, Stress And Strain. Does Not Require Water - Produces Its Own Moisture Using Humidity In The Air. Easy-To-Read LCD Controls Allow User To Set And Monitor Treatment Temperature And Time. Lock-Out Feature Guards Against Unintended Touching Of The Controls During Treatment. Shut-Off Can Be Set In One-Minute Increments Up To One Hour. Automatic Shut-Off After 15 Minutes. Includes Heating Pad, Fleece Cover And Instruction Manual.

Benefits of the BodyMed Electrical Digital Moist Heat Pad

Pain relief – The BodyMed heating pad is designed to promote blood flow which will calm nerves, relax muscles and reduce inflammation to ease your pain.

No hassle heating pad – You don`t need any water or wet cloths for this to work as a moist heating pad, it will use the humidity in the air to give you the moist function.

Relaxation – This heat pad will help your muscles and joints relax. It will also help with overexertion, stress and strain.

How to Use the Heating Pad

This heat pad is intended for physiotherapy. It is recommended that you use it in 15 – 20 minute cycles.

Plug the heating pad into the outlet, then place the heating pad over the body part you would like to treat. To turn the heat pad on, push the power button. When the pad is turned on, you can set the desired temperature and length of use by using the up and down buttons.

This heating pad takes a few minutes to heat up. When the set time is up, the pad will shut off automatically. There is a beeping sound to let you know it has turned off.

A great feature with this BodyMed pad is that it will remember your temperature and time from last time you used it. If you do want to return to initial setting you just unplug the heat pad.

How to NOT Use the Pad

The instructions say not to lie on it.

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