Hand Grippers - Develop A Stronger Grip By Using Increased Resistance by Heavy Grips

By Heavy Grips
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Most athletic consumers are familiar with the standard plastic department store hand grippers. Many male athletes (over 14 yrs old) with average sized hands will be able to squeeze over 25 repetitions (reps) with the plastic grips which will help build endurance and give a lactic-acid 'burn', but you can't build a crushing grip by doing endless reps. To develop extraordinary hand strength you need to train your "grip" just like training your chest with the bench-press; by doing low reps with increased resistance. Just as you would not be able to bench press 300lbs by training with 10 sets of 40 reps with a 100lb barbell, you are not going to be closing the HG300 or HG350 unless you train with 3 to 15 reps with increased resistance as you get stronger.

It is almost impossible to determine which strength is the best for consumers/athletes as each individual will react to strength training their hands in different ways. Elite powerlifters have been surprised to find they cannot close a HG200 while an iron-worker or carpenter with little visible muscle size might close a HG250 on their first attempt. Many powerlifters use 'grip-aids' such as straps in their training for various lifts while the ironworker is using their hands on a regular basis with their work and that makes a huge difference in hand-strength.

Although it may seem like we are trying to up-sell, we recommend purchasing more than one HeavyGrip hand-gripper to ensure that you have grippers to give an effective warm-up and increased resistance levels to work up to. These grippers are not trophies or gimmicks and are designed to be used for resistance strength training and our lifetime warranty guarantees a lifetime of use. The hands respond so well to low-rep resistance training that many athletes that can barely close a HG150 the 'first try' can fully close a HG250 or even a HG300 within 8 weeks of beginning their grip-training. We find that approximately 75% of our customers that only purchase one gripper purchase a package of two grippers within a few weeks of their original purchase and could have saved money by originally purchasing a package set. Save up to 30% when purchasing all 6 Heavy Grips as a package!

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