Kids' Krill Oil - For Your Child’s Daily Dose of Omega-3 Fatty Acids by Dr. Mercola

By Dr. Mercola
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A quick review of the science will tell you that omega-3 fatty acids are essential for your child’s developing brain and body. And with today’s diets loaded with so many omega-6s, getting enough omega-3s is especially important.

For your child’s daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids, I recommend Krill Oil over fish oil because:

     »  Fish oil may expose your kids to high degrees of contamination and toxins found in certain fish
     »  Fish oil is highly perishable and can go rancid quickly in the bottle
     »  Krill are harvested at the bottom of the food chain in Antarctica – they contain less contamination and
         toxins than fish

Now there’s a krill oil designed for kids – Kids’ Krill.

Made with all the same high-quality ingredients of Krill Oil for adults,Kids’ Krill just comes in a smaller dose per Licaps® capsule – for your little one's smaller system.Made with all the same high-quality ingredients of Krill Oil for adults, Kids’ Krill just comes in a smaller dose per Licaps® capsule – for your little one's smaller system.

And the Licaps capsules are much smaller than the normal-sized Licaps in your Krill and Krill for Women supplements. So, they’re easier for kids to swallow.

With Kids’ Krill Oil, you know you’re getting the same high-quality krill oil found in our regular Krill Oil and Krill for Women. My Krill Oil:

     »  Is produced by a fishery who values sustainability. Our fishery was the ONLY one out of
         24 fisheries examined by the NGO Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) to receive an “A”
         rating for sustainability and management strategy (one fishery was shut down!).
     »  Is MSC-certified – Certification and auditing ensures harvesting to manufacturing adheres
         to MSC’s chain of custody standard. Krill are harvested in a sustainable way that also ensures
         no by-catch (non-krill species) is captured.
     »  Employs a Unique Patent-Pending Harvesting Method – This technology helps ensure the high-
         quality krill oil by delivering the krill to tanks on the boat alive (unlike most other
         manufacturers). This allows for fresh processing of delicate krill.
     »  Is Traceable – You can trace krill from its source through final processing in a controlled
         value chain. You can even find out exactly where your krill oil came from!

Plus, with Kids’ Krill Oil, you’re assured what’s on the label is inside the capsule! In a 2014 test on krill oil supplements, a well-known consumer testing lab found that our Krill Oil contained the exact amounts of EPA and DHA as stated on the label.

Kids’ Krill Oil is a source of omega-3 fatty acids that you can feel good about giving to your child. And I think you’ll agree the daily investment is a small price to pay for the peace and reassurance you’ll have from knowing you’re providing what they need, from a source uncontaminated with mercury and heavy metals.

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