Kinetic Culture Fermenting Jar Lids - Facilitating The Removal of Sulfur Gases by Dr. Mercola

By Dr. Mercola
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Fermented vegetables are essential to your diet and offer phenomenal overall health benefits – and with the right equipment, making your own at home is easy.

To help you with the process, I created a special type of fermenting jar lid that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. That’s right, these jar lids are easy to use, appealing, convenient, and most importantly, offer a critical benefit that other lids currently available do not.

I promise you…these lids will completely revitalize your fermenting experience!

To ferment your own vegetables, I recommend using wide-mouth Mason canning jars, and my Kinetic Culture Jar Lids. Each lid features a special Carbon Filter Technology to eliminate odors while fermenting – the benefit that makes them stand out from other lids.In fact, we have been using these jar lids here at the Mercola office and they have made an incredible difference – removing the normal smells associated with the fermentation process.

My innovative, patent-pending Kinetic Culture Jar Lids offer many benefits including:

     »  Releasing fermentation gases in a controlled manner throughout the fermentation process – reducing
         unwanted odors
     »  Facilitating the removal of sulfur gases
     »  Preventing environmental oxygen and other gases from entering the container during fermentation
     »  Releasing pressure build-up, preventing the jar from breaking
     »  Preventing mold growth in the container due to environmental contamination
     »  BPA and BPS-free (in contrast to metal canning lids which may contain BPA)
     »  Have reusable, easy to clean covers
     »  Simple to use

This box contains 6 replacement filters for your Kinetic Culture Jar Lids. Filters can be used more than once, but have to be changed when they no longer prevent fermentation odors. These extra filters ensure you will have enough for all of your fermenting needs.

Now you can fully enjoy fermenting your own vegetables and your entire family can reap the benefits – try Kinetic Culture Jar Lids today!

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