BodySport Resistance Tubes Kit - Resistance Band Training - Stimulate Muscles - Strength Training - 5 Levels Of Resistance

By BodySport
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Stimulate Muscles In A Different Way with BodySport Resistance Tubes BodySport, a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation and fitness products, provides cost-effective products for professional and consumer use. Although BodySport was established in 2004, our organization has served the medical rehabilitation, fitness and wellness industries since 1928. We share common values with our distribution partners and are committed to providing quality products, efficient order processing and shipping, and exceptional customer care. BodySport Resistance Tubes with Handles

     »  Natural rubber tubing provides a smooth, consistent stretch
     »  Durable tubing measures 4' long
     »  Features cushioned, foam handles for a comfortable grip
     »  Contains latex Enjoy The Full Effects Of Resistance Band Training

5 LEVELS OF RESISTANCE! To decide the proper color-coded resistance tube to use for resistance band training, the exercise should be difficult but attainable during the 9th and 10th repetition

STRENGTH TRAINING! Resistance bands provide constant tension on the muscle, allowing the concentric phase and eccentric phase of the movement to be much more controlled resulting in a completely new challenge for the muscles

FULL BODY WORKOUT! A full body workout can be achieved using only BodySport Resistance Tubes. A combination of low and high resistance bands can be used for different exercises

COMPACT AND PORTABLE! Take the BodySport Resistance Bands with you wherever you go. Resistance band workouts increase the strengh of your muscles and stimulate growth

HIGHLY VERSATILE! BodySport Resistance Tubes Kit comes with a door anchor to provide additional exercise options for resistance band training and strength training for muscles


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