Acid-A-Med - Calcium Metabolism Support by Terry Naturally

By Terry Naturally
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Acid-A-Med from Terry Naturally is a dietary supplement that supports keeping the pH and calcium levels in the body in a healthy balance.

Acid-A-Med - Natural Support for Healthy pH and Calcium levels

Acid-A-Med from Terry Naturally supports calcium metabolism and proper pH levels in the body.

     »   Facilitates calcium metabolism
     »   Supports optimal acid-alkaline (pH) balance
     »   Optimizes delivery of calcium systemically

    Calcium Metabolism

    Calcium metabolism, or calcium homeostasis, refers to how your body maintains sufficient levels of calcium. And it needs to be in balance

    The body need minerals to build up bones, but it also needs to support the process that keeps living tissue growing properly. This process is especially crucial for bones in the heels and spine.

    Healthy pH Levels

    PH, or potential of hydrogen, measures the acidic or alkaline levels in our body. It is important that we maintain our pH levels within a narrow range. PH levels are measured on a scale of 1 to 14, with lower numbers indicating higher acidity and 7 being neutral. Our bodies will try and remain at around 7.4, or slightly alkaline.

    Most people who experience an imbalanced pH are acidic. Acidosis will force your body to borrow such minerals as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium from vital organs and bones to buffer the acid and safely excrete it from the body.

    Although much more uncommon, high alkalinity can result in the body digesting foods too slowly, giving rise to a toxic bowel and urinary tract problems.

    The strain on the body from any imbalance can have negative consequences on our health.

    Acid-A-Med combines the key minerals mentioned earlier with bioavailable vitamin B6, plus betaine HCl, Vitamin C, and ammonium chloride for proper pH balance.

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