Acacia Wood Cutting Board - A High-Quality Wood Cutting Board by Dr. Mercola

By Dr. Mercola
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Wood cutting boards are today’s standard among discerning chefs – and for good reason: a high-quality wood cutting board makes slicing and chopping easier and faster. And wood preserves knife-edges longer than other cutting board materials.

Yet, not all wood cutting boards are free from potentially harmful chemicals, glues, and plastic elements. For a healthy kitchen, you want a cutting board that won’t put your well-being at risk.

The Healthy Chef Acacia Wood Cutting Board is made without harsh glues and chemicals, and doesn’t contain any plastic. Instead of a lacquer finish that you may find on other acacia wood cutting boards, ours are polished only with a food grade mineral oil.

The sturdy half-inch thick Healthy Chef Acacia Wood Cutting Boardis designed to handle heavy daily use. A generous 15- by 10-1/4-inch cutting surface provides ample space for any chopping or slicing task. And its beautiful, rich wood appearance makes the Acacia Wood Cutting Board perfect for tabletop carving and serving.

Unlike bamboo that is actually a “grass” (another popular cutting board material), acacia is a genuine hardwood that’s been long prized for its beauty, density, and strength. Acacia’s rich supply of natural oils help make the wood water resistant and helps keep knives sharper longer.

Just like with any other fine, natural wood product, we suggest following these tips to help preserve the beauty and integrity of your Acacia Wood Cutting Board:

     »  Hand wash with warm water and liquid dish soap. Hand dry with towel.
     »  Avoid washing in dishwasher or soaking in water for extended periods.
     »  Store in a dry area, away from extreme temperatures.
     »  Periodically apply a light coating of coconut oil or food grade mineral oil.

The Acacia Wood Cutting Board is a perfect match for our Healthy Chef Ceramic Knives. The natural wood surface helps protect the knives’ razor sharp cutting edges.

Safeguard your knives, counters, and tabletops with an Acacia Wood Cutting Board today and take another step towards a healthy kitchen. Order yours today!

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